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RIP Ron Asheton (Of the Stooges)

I’m no rock historian, I know about as much about the Stooges as the next guy, fronted by Wild Jim (Iggy Pop) and infamously awesome, The Stooges backed up one of (if not the most) explosive personalities to come out of Michigan (Fuck the Nuge) .  I was not a fan of the Stooges in my youth, preferring the Mall-Ternative sounds of the Housemartins or The Sex Pistols to the “real shit” from American Artists.  However, I was turned on to them by my (noticeably un-hip) room mate who made a joke about how I was hopelessly involved with a girl (You wanna be her Dog).  He giggled himself stupid over how clever he was and when I didn’t get it he explained the whole Stooges connection. I liked Iggy Pop, but not as much as I did after that; because I really did want to be her Dog.

So, yeah. Dead at 60. Mr. Asheton leaves behind a catalogue of music to inspire generations of musicians and make kids want to bash themselves bloody in the name of Rock and Roll.