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Now, does THIS describe a terrorist?

Fatter, Balder, Angrier, Teabaggier Guy Fieri would be up to no good!

Larry Eugene North, a man accused of placing 36 pipe bombs into mailboxes across east Texas, was indicted yesterday on charges of possessing an illegal firearm or destructive device. In an interview with Talking Points Memo, Brit Featherston, first assistant U. S. attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, said North had anti-government motives:

“…he was disenchanted with the federal government…“

And then my favorite quote of all…

North…is reported to have “a constellation of physical and emotional issues”

I find THAT hard to believe.

This is of concern to me and to you

Given the length of this one I am going to bury this under a “read more” link

Some of you are familiar with my photography habit and some of you are not, but this kind of blind “anti-terrorism” should seethe anyone.

A short anecdote”

I spent about 18 months terrorizing Eugene with my camera, sometimes with Jen sometimes with Elizabeth sometimes with both but never alone. I figured that no one would hassle a family guy. I was never hassled. Once an overweight woman put an end to my photography of a fun kickball game by making the participants stop when she saw me taking photos. Fair enough, she got her photograph on the web and I called attention t her “photo-blocking”

But I’ve never been stopped by someone in any kind of official capacity (even when I took photos of a crash scene).

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