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Tina Fey wants kids to go to Jail for Taping Baby Momma

New York introduces anti-piracy bill

Under the proposed bill, first-time offenders would face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Offenses would be elevated from violation status to a Class A misdemeanor. Repeat offenders would be charged with a felony.

State Senator Frank Padavan also argued that money from piracy has flown from organized crime syndicates to purposes threatening national security. “A lot of this is going to terrorism,” he said, citing Islamic group Hezbollah as one beneficiary.

In a moment that drew laughs, Lentol urged citizens to stop supporting film piracy even though some stars make $20 million and more per film, then turned to Fey to ask: “Is that what you make?” The reply was loud and clear: “Nooo!”

“It’s not about studio executives, it isn’t about movie stars or anyone else who rides in limousines,” Lentol said. “It’s about the assistant make-up artist” and other hard-working entertainment folks who may lose their jobs if piracy continues at current levels.

Clearly, the Movie industry is going to pack up and stop making films if Piracy continues. Sure. Instead the answer is to jail 20-somethings when they film short clips of movies using their camera phones and frisk people as they enter a theater. That’s the way to behave.

People like to remind folks in the service industry that “they pay their bills” well, Movie Industry, without an audience, you have no money. Prosecuting your customers is no way to make money.

I buy every movie I like. Without fail. I had as many as 600 DVDs in my collection before I moved back to Canada. I still have something on the north side of 400 on hand. I love movies, but hate the industry built up around it. Not in some “Corporations Bad” kind of way, but in a “I pay for that crap and I am still treated like I’m their employee and have to follow their rules” kind of way. Face it Movie Industry, we’re your Daddy/Mommy and you have to do what we say, we pay your allowance.

And in some form of Bullshit Bingo winning maneuver they linked it to terrorism.

Wow, when Tina Fey (Writer/Actress/PRODUCER) sinks low, she really sinks.

Maybe she should try, I dunno, making money from TV or something.

Oh yeah.

Clown shoes, I tell yeah. Total Clown Shoes.