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Let’s say “Goodbye” to the Summer that never was

This is Late August, "normal" but not "HOT"
This is Late August, "normal" but not "HOT"

Summer 2009 in London has been lacklustre at best, and for Ontario as a whole it hasn’t been the “Greatest Summah Evah” either.  Whether it was shivering in the cool July Nights or being soaked in the Early August Rain, this has been about the weakest summer I’ve experienced, and I’m from Scotland.

Let’s hope that it remains “warm” until October, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to see snow by mid-October this year (considering the freak and heavy snow storm we had last October, this isn’t outside the realm of possibility)

God Damn Snow!

The march from “Summer” to crap it’s snowing in September!


Does anyone else think that it is a good chance that we’ll see snow on the ground by September 31st this year?  The glorious weather we had just a week and a bit past appears to have been what would have been a heat wave in a normal summer (40+ degrees) but was the only thing that looked like summer this year.

I’m going to hibernate this winter, call me when the Great Lakes have dried up due to the heat.

August Ninth – First Official Day of Summer 2009 in London


Yup, it has finally come.  Summer is here.  It’s only about 2 and half months late too.  We enjoyed the sun a bit and got out into the trees and around the ponds some.  It was Humid and Sweaty and juuuust perfect.  If I wasn’t on call today I’d be looking for a patio to embarrass myself on.  Maybe next weekend will be nice?  The forecasts have been so unreliable I’ll just wait until Wednesday to decide.

This is Summer?

This is Summer?

I just caught a little back and forth on the CBC with a Canadian meteorologist. He said across Ontario, July is four degrees (Celsius!) cooler than normal. He also said Nunavut has been warmer, on average, than Toronto lately.

You know Nunavut. On most maps, it’s the perma-white band of northern Canada, next door to Greenland. They recorded three centimeters of snow there over the past 24 hours.

“In B.C., they’ve had too much summer, in the Prairies there are places that haven’t had enough summer, and here we haven’t had any,” said Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips, from his Toronto office.


WRONG < – Click ME

What is going on with the Summer?  When I was up north visiting my Parents this weekend I found it to be tolerably humid and nice, instead of the constantly cool and easy to cold and crappy that is prevalent here in London.  So what’s up with the weather?