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Tag: Weight Loss

Visual Evidence that you're wrong


I had the misfortune of reading “Miss Eva”s twitter feed:

@perez hilton stick to Hollywood gossip. Leave the morals of America alone. Miss America is entitled to her views.

Miss California is a strong woman. I’m glad we still have young people with morals and values.

Perez Hilton, should stick to what he is good at, hating on celebrities. He is a gay man with no moral values.

The Miss America judges should be brought to task.

I’m not fond of the “She’s got strong morals” crowd; because if you are familiar with what Miss C said she said she was “Bible Correct”  [SHE’S A BEAUTY QUEEN WEARING MAKEUP AND SHOWING OFF HER BOOBS].  Morals are such mercurial things, sigh.

So, the point of this post.

I went to “TeamRose” or “Miss Evas” blog and read about their Fast.  Their fast started in 2007 and it’s two years later and they have lost a total of 48 pounds.  Yup. They’re not cheating.

Morals Morals Morals Eva.