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Tag: world in a bottle

Bright Nights, Light City

People don’t even remember when it stopped being night time. It’s been so long since it’s been Dark Outside that people have forgotten what it was like to go outside and not have it be so bright.

The had to turn up all the lights in the city to make them stand out, because when you look up in the sky now it’s just white, white, white endless white like the whole world is inside a big white empty.

Scientists were brought on TV to explain what was going on, but they all kind of have nothing to say and the astronomers all gave up trying. They say that even radio scopes can’t see as far as the moon anymore, but we still have tides and so on so they think the moon is still there.

There’s no night anymore, so animals that need that day/night cycle started dying off, but a lot of the animals adapted, which is great to hear. The lack of night caused crime to really change, only the most bold or violent criminals are operating outside anymore. The Cameras that cops demanded are REALLY effective now, because they always have full light.

That’s the other thing, while it’s nice that it’s light out, it hasn’t rained in forever, but we’re not in a drought. The phrase “Closed System” has been tossed around on the Internet recently.

It’s been forever.