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Month: September 2005

WoW Post-Mortem

It has been a few months since I actually played WoW for any length of time and longer than that since I really cared. After spending nearly $400 USD on the game nitegirl and I have finally quit. If they come out with more levels and content (major content) we’ll probably go back, but for now, we are finished with WoW.

He held their lives in his tiny hands

He Held Their Lives in His Tiny Hands – Los Angeles Times

BATON ROUGE, La.  In the chaos that was Causeway Boulevard, this group of refugees stood out: a 6-year-old boy walking down the road, holding a 5-month-old, surrounded by five toddlers who followed him around as if he were their leader.They were holding hands. Three of the children were about 2 years old, and one was wearing only diapers. A 3-year-old girl, who wore colorful barrettes on the ends of her braids, had her 14-month-old brother in tow. The 6-year-old spoke for all of them, and he told rescuers his name was Deamonte Love.