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I get Around

How many places have you lived in your life?

Oh A few:

  1. Bathgate, West Lothian,  Scotland (Born there)
  2. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  3. Deep River, Ontario Canada
  4. Kincardine, Ontario, Canada (2 moves)
  5. Weston, GTA, Ontario, Canada (Moved out on my own)
  6. Jane & Finch area, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  7. Bathurst & Finch area, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  8. Eugene, Oregon, USA.
  9. Kincardine, Ontario, Canada (2007)
  10. London, Ontario, Canada (2008)

So, a couple of places.

We moved around when I was young and my dad was transitioning in his job and I moved more when I was out on my own (and with my spouse and daughter)

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