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Work, Woah!

It was a pretty busy and at times frustrating day at the office.

I’m working alone, which is usually okay, as the volume of work is reasonable (we have a bunch of great team mates) but I have a project going on that is really time consuming that will only require more and more focus tomorrow.  Oh well.

I’m still pretty jazzed about Crank; I’m really tempted to go back to see it again.  If it is still in the theatres in three weeks, maybe I’ll go see it to celebrate my 31st.

Speaking of celebrations, I’m sending cash to my Sister-in-law by way of a check next month; I know she needs the cash.  On top of that It’s both of my “by blood” nephews birthdays next month, as well as my moms (same day as mine), it’s going to be a big month.

Not to mention my favourite holiday (barring Christmas) HALLOWE’EN!!!

Time to start work on my makeup for the big night.  Maybe I’ll try to make a real looking  neck gash.

I love Halloween.

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