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Happy Birthday to Me

Hey there; it’s my 31st birthday today.  I’m somewhat more sober than I planned to be at this point, but since NiteGirl isn’t here I guess I’m okay with the little buzz I got on from dinner.

It’s Day Two of my trip to San Francisco:

I snapped this on the walk to the actual reason for my visit (training).  I passed many a new sight on the way and we were a little lost.  We used a transit map to locate the street (Battery) and find the actual place we were going to.

We passed a place with a giant sign that said “Comics and Toys” and aggreed that we would have to check it out later.

We detoured down “Bush” street and found Battery and after what seemed an eternity; we found the place.

We passed a neat statue on the way; it was outside a building with giant columns.

It is “Brittania” but all cut up into sections; check it out:

The actual training room was fine, I had a good wireless signal and was able to catch up on some work during the down time and got some decent info.

They took good care of us and fed us a nice lunch; but it took all day.

The coffee break and drinks were great, lots of soda and coffee and fancy water,  I really should have snagged one of the cylindrical bottles to take a picture.

As it was, after the training we were to re-convene for dinner.  I looked forward to this as it was an excuse to drink a bit,

This odd sight was outside the training room.

The USB key was on the desk, I posed it here with the fork.  I’m a bad photographer.

We stepped into Jeffry’s Toys and checked it out; it was awesome!  Comics, Toys, rare toys.  It would be my fave shop if it wasn’t so damn far away.

After a long walk back to the hotel then back to the restraunt and getting lost, we had a great night in there and I took pictures.

Before the meal, we had drinks and stood around and chatted.  Then sat down and there was a speech or two.

The appetizer was great, if small.  Tiger Shrimp, Tuna Rolls and Pot Stickers.  Superb!

The main course was great; as was dessert.

I had a great time talking to the Sales Engineers that shared our table, they were great folks.

After the meal Curtis took off, I intended to stay, but since Renatta was leaving I figured I should walk her to her hotel (it’s late in an unfamiliar city, I don’t like the idea of anyone walking home)

We caught Curtis then headed out.

As it happens Kevin came along and walked Renatta to te hotel and Curtis and I walked back to our own hotel, past all the people who worked downtown but had to head home.  Some homeless guys were packing up for the night and I saw a whole group of girls being let into Halloween stores.

It was a good walk home, I got a call from Nitegirl and noted that I had missed a ton of calls,

Oh well, another Birthday goes.

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