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Month: November 2006

Icy Mornings

The BatMobile (My Car) is a dependable vehicle, with some peculiarities.  It has had a few major repairs and a few parts replaced; but it runs reasonably well for an 11 year old car. However, the locks freeze and seize in cold temperatures; and this morning they locked tight.

I ended up having to pour warm water over the locks to get them loose (there was a satisfying/scary “crack” noise when the water hit the lock).

After getting the car warmed up and the windows clean I was away.

I’m going to have to invest in lock-deicer and a better window scraper for this winter it seems.

Clarks 2 DVD Set

The Clerks 2 DVD set arrived today, much to my joy.  It’s a two disc set including a Mooby Hat, a funployee badge, a Mooby cup and the awesome Mobby’s Happy meal style box!

Check out my whole set at Flickr.

Sometimes my Favourtie Place to Go

Emerald City Comics
Emerald City Comics

On your left, used RPG books and locally produced comics (mixed with various stuff) on your right the “new” comics.

Ahead of you, Anime and Manga (there be dragons)

This is in the same building as Smith Books on Campus in Eugene.  Check them out sometime, tell them Kevin sent you. (from the Internets)

Last Night

Last night we had the strangest little visitor, a cat!

When we were standing in the living room, deciding on a movie to watch in bed we heard a noise outside.  It sounded like kodos had snuck out again, but I was sure he was inside.  NiteGirl peeked out the door and in ran a little black and grey kitten.  He (we checkd later) ran right in and used Kodos’ litter box.

Kodos was NOT pleased that there was another cat in the house; so he hissed, spat and pouted for the rest of the night.  NiteGirl tried to find it’s owners, but we settled on letting it sleep in our garage (in a nice warm cat carrier) with food and water.

Apparently, when NiteGirl went to check on it this morning, it took off into the street.  See ya kitten.

Suge Knight Humor

Woke up this morning…

We fell asleep watching Episode I and I woke up to Episode 4…  We are such geeks.  NiteGirl and I were watching the whole Episode 1 – Episode 6 marathon on Cinemax.

We broke it off during Jedi, or more exactly TheSpawn did.   I went upstairs and had a nice shower, i-pod playing my “picks” play list in the background.  It was just a great shower, I wasn’t thinking about work or money or anything, just getting clean and singing along with my i-pod.

Hmm, just confessed to singing in the shower, ah well.  I sing quietly to myself all day, badly too.

I’ve been surfing the web and hitting political news sites and blogs since I got out of the shower.  I made lunch and coffee for all of us (well, tea for TheSpawn)  TheSpawn and I had breakfast around 9AM (French Toast Sticks and Tea)

It has been a nice lazy Saturday.

My $0.02

Like 007Ben I’ve found it very warm this AM.  When I stepped out of my bedroom it was seriously warm in my living room area and I had to turn on fans to cool the area.  Kodos was perched up in the bedroom areas looking down and meowing at me all morning while I got ready for work, I ended up leaving without giving him a snack today which is bound to make him extra friendly when the rest of my family got up.

I was so spaced this morning, I took a shower that seemed to take forever, but was only about 7 minutes.  Just getting my shoes on was a long chore.  Oh well.

I like the warm, it is a nice change from the cold cold cold morning’s we have had.

Three Days of Mucus and Sleep