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Strike up the Band

Do you play any musical instruments?

I have played:

  • A Baritone
  • A Drum
  • An Accoustic Guitar
  • An Electric Guitar
  • A Trumpet
  • A Piano
  • An Electronic Keyboard/Midi Controller

I’m Actually Trying to Lean

  • The Electric Guitar
  • An Electronic Keyboard/Midi Controller

I have produced a number of musical compositions on my various computers (Mods/S3m) Actual songs in Mp3 and Wav format.  My “best” work is lost to me as the tape that contained the only recordings of them was leant out and lost, it had some great songs as “The Killer Grass” and “I don’t wanna” all of which were based around samples of real phone conversations.


[song removed for now]

Here is a song I perfomed ages ago on (what I think) was a Cyrix 486 computer… or a P133 class one.  I forget if I made it before I got my first P2/p3 machine.  It was encoded on my p2/p3 machine.

I’d say enjoy, but I think in this case “tolerate” would be better.

I’m writing this while I listen to a cover of the Dr. Who theme I made in 2003, I love this a great deal more.

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