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Timeless Albums

What are some of your favorite, forgotten albums that have stood the test of time?
Submitted by PeterGibbons.

“Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – Beatles”
“Pretty Hate Machine – Nine Inch Nails”
“It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back – Public Enemy”
“Pauls Boutique – Beastie Boys”
“Nevermind – Nirvana”
“(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? – Oasis”
“Chris Sheppard – Pirate Radio Sessions” [The one with Dove Song, Kicks Like a Mule, Ace, & Pragha Khan] [Edit: it could be Trip 2 the moon]
“VooDoo-U Lords of Acid”
“One Fierce Beer Coaster – Bloodhound Gang”
“Spawn – The Official Sound Track”
“Bloodsport – The Sneaker Pimps”
“Broken/Fixed – Nine Inch Nails”
“Bizarre Ride to Tha Pharcyde – Pharcyde”
“Which Doobie U B? – Phunkdoobiest”
“Cypress Hill – Cypress Hill”
“Amerikkas Most Wanted – Ice Cube”
“Bodycount – Bodycount”

Oh man, I could go on and on…

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