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I miss the very few parties

In my late teens and early 20s I started hanging around with a “Bad Crowd”(c)6000BC that had these kinds of parties.  Full of people and booze and drugs.  I was always a DD so I didn’t take part in the drinking/drugs (I was a major dork too) but on occasion, even totally sober, these parties were trippy beyond all reckoning.

I wouldn’t trade any of my memories of those parties for anything, even all the drama and heartache that came from them.  I doubt many of the people there would.  We all experienced life, and I got to see what I missed when I spent my teen years reading comics and going to “dances”.  Sure I had glimpsed “real partying” in my teen years, but this was on a level I never experienced.

I look in on those people from time to time.  A great number of them have tried to get as far from their pasts as possible. Some are still there, living in their flop-house lives.

It was gutter-born magic for a while.

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