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Month: February 2007

Late Night Hacking

Well, not really hacking.  I decided to try and use my PDA/Phone to trigger my new Rebel VIA IR.  After numerous false starts and misses, I found these magic codes:

> > Immediate trigger:
> > 0000 007d 0001 0001 000f 00f2 000f 0cdb
> > 2-second delay
> > 0000 007f 0001 0001 000f 00b0 000f 0cbe

These are the HEX codes for the IR commands needed t o perform the remote trigger.

Here are two of the first few pictures I took.  I’m still working it out, but it totally worked!

Now I just need a remote wire trigger and I’m set!

New Rebel!!!!

I’ve finally made the jump to a D SLR for photography fun.

I still have the Kodak p880 on hand for fun, but I’m looking forward to the versatility of exchangeable lenses etc.

This is one of the last Rebel Xts out there, as the model run is over and Canon is pushing the Xti now (the 10.1 Mega pixel model)

007Ben was gracious enough to lend me a memory card while I wait to pay for a new one out of pocket next week.  I took a bunch of shots (focusing on Marco shots as those interest me the most right now)