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I Got yer Mutant Powers Right Here

Last night my neighbors were having a raucous party. I had thought that perhaps there was a game going on over at the nearby High School, but when I went out on my deck I realized that the noise was coming from next door.

They were so loud that they were drowning out my TV.

It was such a nice night though, I wanted to get out and take some pictures of the stars traveling across the sky (to get that neat streaking effect). So I went back in to make a play list to listen to while taking pictures. I guess I took too long making my list, by the time I got back out it was cloudier and the stars that had previously looked like diamond flecks in sable were now dull twinkles in grey cotton wool.

So I got a few pictures of the stars moving across the sky (2 minutes exposures) but nothing to write home about.

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