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Movie, Next Please!

Just came out of Next. The nick cage movie. In a word, terrible. It was just a long drawn-out version of the scene from minority report where tom cruise is deftly navigated via precognition away from his former teammates.

The fact that I spent more time on the tom cruise movie should not have escaped you. Avoid ‘Next’ it’s ‘next’ to pointless.

EDIT:  I thought that I’d expand my original review.

The cast is okay in the flick, but Nick Cage is way too old to be macking on Jessica Biel.  The movie moves on, with each example of Nick’s powers becoming more an more expansive.  I have to admit that the writer took a fairly smart turn with future viewing and so on, but the ending was SO Cheesy.

I yelled “cheese” when the big ending came, and the audience laughed in agreement.  All 5 of them.
Avoid Next.  It’s a waste of money and time.

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