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The Digg Revolt

The Digg Revolt

Over the past few days, with the release of the Decryption key for Hi-Def DVD video, Digg users have been posting the hexadecimal sequence that comprise the Keys over and over.  This whole “revolt” is equal parts pusillanimous and genius; the key is out there “information is free”; but it only serves to portray the same people as lawless to the IP holders in question.

The holders of these keys are sure to be wringing their hands over this in glee; proof that the tech community is nothing but filthy crooks.  The movie advocacy industry (MPAA) can look at this in too ways; the community won’t rest until they give up the keys to the kingdom or the community is crooked (inherently so) and the DRM push is not going far enough.

Somewhere lost in this is that the community simply loves movies.  When they don’t have entertainment, they create it.

Isn’t that what the movies are all about?

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