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Moving Blues Part Two

I spent some time today stacking up Books (Graphic Novels Really) for sale.  About 20-25 of them I think, maybe 30.  I hate doing this stuff, it’s like giving away bits of me.  I know they are just things, and that my memories matter; but I spent time and energy getting these things, I don’t want that to be wasted.

Due to the changes around the office, everything I’ve worked for over there is starting to slip into pointlessness.  I don’t train any more, I don’t really contribute to the whole pie, except through the strenuous document writing process.  Don’t get me started on All Times Garbage.  I can’t imagine someone spent money on that crap.

Ah, what a gripe fest.

The weather looks nice for this weekend, that should be great.

I’m looking for work in Burlington, Ontario right now.  I hope I get a good job.

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