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Selling Stuff

Last night a man and his son came by the house to buy my comics.

I have about 1,500 comics for sale (probably more than that, I’m not about to count)  They are not (for the majority) in bags with boards.  They are “read” comics, and in “read” condition.  Some are as old as 40 years.  Some are fairly new.

They are heavy as hell and I had to move 5 boxes of them down the stairs for this guy.

They took a look and said, those are pretty chunked up in places.  I resisted smacking the guy with “you’d look chunked up at 40 too” and offered to let them take 2 for 150.  No Dice.

What a waste of sweat.

I’ll be moving them to the garage tonight, along with any books, etc.  that I’m going to sell or dispose of.

We’ll have the house cleared of “extra” stuff soon enough.

I’m going to  have NiteGirl and NiteCat clear away most of the random stuff in the box in the living room and put our video game controllers, etc in there.

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