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On Vox: Superbad and Goodbye

Last night John, Jeff, Damon, Ben, Nathan, Karl, Alex and I went to see Superbad at the local Regal Stadium Theater; and I think we all laughed ourselves stupid.

Somewhere around the giant penis riding the bomb a la slim pickins we were all subnormal, and happy to be there.

All in all, I want to avoid saying too much about Superbad; other than to endorse its repeated viewing with all of your friends and its purchase in multiple formats.  Look, if they come out with a shrinkydinks related Superbad merch pack, I think you might want to buy it.

We all agreed that the DVD release of this movie will be an instant must-buy and I think we all made a silent pact to purchase it via advanced ordering.

The whole theater was engulfed in laughs during this one and to address the “misogynistic” claims made against it, what did teenage girls talk about at that age, huh?

Last night I also said G’bye to Gooddamon as he won’t be back at the office this week, so Bye, see you on the internets.

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