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On Vox: Doonesbury: Still Awesome

Money line, "Flood the Catacombs!"

I suppose one might credit Doonesbury for a large chunk of my initial understanding of American politics (as I didn't really pay much attention to American news until I started caring that Bill Clinton was the president as he was the coolest politician who ever appeared on the Arsenio Hall show) [Woof Woof Woof]

I still like Clinton (less and less every year, but he seems to slide further and further to the right all the time)  I dislike Hilary as she seems to dislike all the stuff I like (Video Games, Violent Movies, Reading, Free Thought)

I'm a Mike Gravel booster as of right now, but we'll see whom I support after the shakedowns over the next few months.  If not Gravel, I'm hoping for Obama, whom appears to be just the right age to really provide energetic leadership to the US.

However, if he doesn't produce something like this:

Then all bets are off….

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