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On Vox: Vox Hunt: Singing A Holiday Tune

Share your favorite holiday song.

This is really a toss-up, but both involve artists from Great Britain:

Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth; as sung by Bing and Bowie.  This one always reminds me of my early Christmases in North America, and the great surprises and excitement that accompanied those Christmas mornings.

Band Aid – Do They Know it's Christmas?  "Feed the Wooooo-ooorld, Let them know it's Christmas Time"  The conceit is strange, especially with Islam being such a huge faith in the affected areas at the time, but their hearts were in the right place.  Nowadays I much more of a cynic about such affairs, but I still think fondly of all the little pyramids of pennies I gave for the babies in Africa who needed them more than I needed a new GiJoe.

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