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On Vox: What about kids with no ears?

Some Words of Wisdom by me:

by screwfanboys1 

what about when the people think their own generation of music is crap?
  • They are what were called “Nerds” in the old days, they eschewed the
    popular music for whatever their “cool” uncle or “with it” Big Brother
    liked. You can recognize the Nerds from the current teen generation
    because they love anything Pre-Zeppelin and hate anything that might
    appear on a current Top-100 chart anywhere in the Free World. They may
    also love a current band no one has ever heard of, and they will never
    see said band live.

    Popular music is the lowest common denominator, music that the majority
    of people, before you get too down on popular music, remember that the
    Average IQ in the Western world is 100, which means that while there
    are plenty of folks above the 110 mark, there are just as many, if not
    more in the sub 90 level. A catchy hook or pandering line is going to
    appeal to that hinterland of 90-110 and snag that middle ground. Much
    like snagging the slow moving fish in a stream with no bait and a dull

    So while these songs may suck, it is an over-reaching denunciation to
    come down on all popular music as “Crap” simply because you don’t like
    it. If it was crap, for real, it wouldn’t sell and there would be no
    demand for it. Sure some music defies logic or Taste (Yoko Ono, Wing)
    but there is an audience for it; and these are hardly million-sellers.

    For the record, my friends will tell you that I have little or no taste
    in music, so ya know, take what I say with a grain of alcohol or salt,
    whatever gets you through the next four hours of crushing boredom.

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