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On Vox: First Week – Ask me later

One might wonder why it has been nearly a week since I have blogged; perhaps the snow wolves had finally claimed me?  Maybe I had eschewed my blog instead for a full-time LJ and Back Mascarra act?  Maybe I was just busy with the whole move thing.

It's a bit of them all really.  I was out there in the snow, dodging abandoned cars and skirting huge snow drifts (if skirting mean blowing through them yelling BOOOM).  This was in pursuit of getting down to London for my first day of work with my new employer.

I couldn't shake the feeling that I was intruding on a very insular place when I got there, and that my presence was a nuisance.  We'll see how the next week goes.

As for the move, hmmm.  The kitchen roof leaks when I have a shower and the plumber thinks it is because I am slopping water all over the place when I shower.  Overlooking the fact that I leave towels all over the floor by the shower when I have a shower and that my showers only last about 3 minutes because my water heater has NO capacity.  This plumber also overlooks the clear and ongoing water damage that was already there in the kitchen.

Anyway, what is going on there?

I signed up for velcom for internet service and have already dropped it.  DSL sucks for me it seems.

In this case it was a decision based upon service organizations; velcom is serviced by unintelligible morons and Rogers is staffed by people who could answer my questions without excessive pauses of 3 to 10 minutes.

I was schmap'd too. 

So it was a week.

One more thing, this week went like this   LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG DAY  -> blink night is over -> LOOOONGGGGG DAY -> blink night is over -> and so on.  What was your's like?

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