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Month: February 2008

On Vox: A Story about Music and Life

There are disused lots and fields all over the outskirts of your home town.  Somewhere there is the graveyard of a disused factory or farm.  When you were young, did you go and check it out?  Did you investigate the remains of a former workplace or home?

When I was a teenager, and visiting Scotland, my friend Stuart and I dissected the remains of Industrial and postwar Scotland as it appeared around Bathgate.  We dug through old paperwork in a broken farmhouse, climbed stairs that hadn't seend feet in 20 years and destroyed (through misadventure) a wall that had been built before Churchill had walked on the planet.  We had our hands in the guts of living and dead history.  You'd have thought I was going to be an anthropologist or archaeologist of some stripe the way I immersed myself in the past.  Arms deep as it were.

We squatted in those fields and with our rough tribe of peers we listened to music and some of us got high and drunk in the remains of the British Empire.  Not the grand houses or castles, but the forgotten entrails of industrial estates and disused farms.

I watched kids lose themselves in what may have been the former grounds of their Grandfather's employer.  They didn't see the irony of their idle decay among the decay of their country.  They faced a future of service jobs and had no idea that the only thing that they would ever produce in Britain again was culture.  This was before the REAL worldwide rise of Brit Pop in the 90s.  These guys are  Mothers and Fathers now,  last I heard Stuart was a surfer.  Still exploring the reaches of the British Empire.

Now you ask yourself, what does this have to do with Music?

Well, British Music exists solely as a reflection of the Music that has come before,  all Music in Britain is measured by it's predecessor.  This is true in the case of "Kasabian" as it is in the case of "The Beatles".  All British culture is just "how is this better than this other thing that came before", which is probably an outgrowth of the fact that the British isles are filled to the brim with the remains of the past.  One can hardly walk in one direction for more than an hour without stumbling over some piece of  history older than the houses on your block.

It's no wonder the kids squat in fields filled with relics, it's fairly unavoidable.

I haven't been home in over a decade, I don't know if those fields are gone or developed.   I apparently left Scotland for the last time just before a huge development boom, when the people were still hard and the CCTV cameras hadn't overpopulated the towns.  So I don't know how things are now, maybe they have cleaned up the Past and moved on.

It's just a story after all.

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Artist Spotlight: Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger

If this video proves anything, it proves that Any never had a job in food service. Smack the side of the bottle damn it, you set the sauce free with a good smack on the side of the bottle.

Can you see how much packaging was on the burger? Wow, we suck, don’t we?

I guess things are better now, right?

Kurt Donald Cobain (February 20, 1967 – c. April 5, 1994)
Yikes, it’s been nearly 14 years since Kurt Cobain died.

That’s twice as long as my youngest nephews have been alive.

That’s a long time.

I loved this song when I heard it, I’m kinda glad that it was released posthumously, as it was likely to be lost among the rest of the dust of Grunge. We might not have appreciated it as much as some of us did when it was released.

Yeah, they were right. Sucks don’t it?

On Vox: Some stuff that happened

Transitions are hard.  Especially after 10 years, you know?

I'm still trying to settle in here in London, after what seemed like forever up at my Parents and even longer back in Eugene.   I have NOT slept a good night's sleep yet.

Add to that the worries of setting up in a new place and you get some poor sleep.

On a lighter note, my house is about 10-15 minutes away from most of London, which makes getting around fairly easy.  I'm looking forward to the nice weather to encourage us to walk around the city more.  I'm in a residential area, but we have a nice park near us an a theatre that I want to try walking to.

I've taken pictures here and there but nothing I'm too proud of.  I need to get out and really work.  The friend that promised to model has totally flaked and I am going to have to start looking for a model or two here in the city,  That should be easy as London is home to a number institutions of higher learning.  I will have to update my Model Mayhem account to reflect my new location.

I'm excited to be back on my own (relatively) but I would love to have a couch and chair along with a bed to make things a bit more comfortable.

Oh, and thanks to my 'rents for the new (kinda) computer chair, it makes things by the PC much more comfortable.

Anyone else moving/moved?

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On Vox: If there was any place politics didn't belong

Freedom may not be free, but platitudes about it certainly appear to be out of place in imperatives delivered in Valentine form.

Why, on the day of hearts and flowers should we be given notes about the state of Freedom of those beings?

I dunno if my 7-year-old nephew really needs this kind of message on February 14th.

Maybe we're all just wearing the sunglasses today.

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On Vox: First Week – Ask me later

One might wonder why it has been nearly a week since I have blogged; perhaps the snow wolves had finally claimed me?  Maybe I had eschewed my blog instead for a full-time LJ and Back Mascarra act?  Maybe I was just busy with the whole move thing.

It's a bit of them all really.  I was out there in the snow, dodging abandoned cars and skirting huge snow drifts (if skirting mean blowing through them yelling BOOOM).  This was in pursuit of getting down to London for my first day of work with my new employer.

I couldn't shake the feeling that I was intruding on a very insular place when I got there, and that my presence was a nuisance.  We'll see how the next week goes.

As for the move, hmmm.  The kitchen roof leaks when I have a shower and the plumber thinks it is because I am slopping water all over the place when I shower.  Overlooking the fact that I leave towels all over the floor by the shower when I have a shower and that my showers only last about 3 minutes because my water heater has NO capacity.  This plumber also overlooks the clear and ongoing water damage that was already there in the kitchen.

Anyway, what is going on there?

I signed up for velcom for internet service and have already dropped it.  DSL sucks for me it seems.

In this case it was a decision based upon service organizations; velcom is serviced by unintelligible morons and Rogers is staffed by people who could answer my questions without excessive pauses of 3 to 10 minutes.

I was schmap'd too. 

So it was a week.

One more thing, this week went like this   LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG DAY  -> blink night is over -> LOOOONGGGGG DAY -> blink night is over -> and so on.  What was your's like?

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On Vox: Road Closures are the Bane of my Life today

Road Closures: 9:00 p.m.

The list of road closures in our area is getting longer tonight, because of whiteouts and blizzard-like conditions.

Barricades are up across the following highways:
Highway 4 from Elginfield to Exeter
Highway 4 from Blyth to Teeswater
Highway 86 from Amberley to Wallenstein
Highway 87 from Bluevale to Harriston
Highway 8 from Stratford to Seaforth
Highway 23 from Elginfield to Harriston
Highway 7 from Stratford to St. Marys
Highway 10 from Orangeville to Chatsworth
Highway 6 from Tobermory to Fergus
Highway 9 from Clifford to Harriston.
Highway 21 from Goderich to Springmount.
Highway 89 from Shelburne to Mount Forest

All highways and county roads in Bruce and Grey are closed because of
the hazardous conditions. A number of county roads in Wellington, Huron
and Perth are also closed because of poor visibiliy or abandoned
vehicles. Many plows have been pulled off the roads tonight, and won’t
begin until early tomorrow morning. Police are recommending you stay
where you are.The Listowel Salvation Army is initiating it’s Winter
Storm Assistance efforts. Those that are stranded in Listowel can get
warmth and a place to sleep at the church on Main Street in Listowel.
Anyone in Listowel that can offer overnight accomodations is asked to
call the Listowel Salvation Army at 519-291-3200.


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On Vox: One More Thing

When we unpacked Jen’s PC it wouldn’t turn on.  Some searching at the Gateway site confirmed that the 3 Beeps we were hearing were a failed memory check


I reseated the memory in the other slots and the machine booted fine.

Well, after I fixed the sata cables.

Oh Well.

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On Vox: Wish I was in London

I was supposed to go to London today, driving to my new home. Instead
every rode between here and there is closed and the wind chill made my
fingers lose all sensation in about 30 seconds.

Damn Snow!

Look at this crap:

Road Closures/Conditions-5pm



Other road closures include:
Highway 4 from Arva to Exeter
Highway 4 from Blyth to Teeswater
Highway 86 from Amberley to Wallenstein
Highway 87 from Bluevale to Harriston
Highway 8 from Stratford to Mitchell
Highway 23 from Elginfield to Harriston
Highway 7 from Stratford to St. Marys
Highway 10 from Orangeville to Chatsworth
Highway 6 Tobermory to Fergus
Highway 9 from Clifford to Harriston.
Highway 21 from Goderich to Springmount.
Highway 89 is closed from Shelburne to Mount Forest

Wellington County Road 7 from Salem to Teviotdale
Wellington Road 109 from Harriston to Arthur

Perth County Road 119 from Stratford north to Perth County Road 7
Perth County Line 26 and County Road 112 to Tavistock

Visibility is down to zero at times because of the blowing snow and stationary snow squalls..

At least I was able to get Jen's computer online and set up with XP.  I had to dig a bit to get the drivers and so on, and the DVDRW drive was stuck closed (and is again)  but the PC works and is all set for Jen and the rest of the adults here at my 'rents to use.

Holy crap, the wind just made stuff fall off the desk as I was typing this.

I snagged a video of the squalls while I was dropping Jen off at work, but I don't think I'll get out of here until the morning now.

I hope my new employer understands.

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On Vox: Free Ideas for a Movie Derived from an Older Movie

I watched the "classic" Blob movie this morning (starring Steve McQueen if you are not sure which one I am referring to).  Besides observing why Steve McQueen was popular (dude could act).  I percolated an idea for a sequel that would use the trope of current events to unleash the Blob on middle American once again, and I don't mean .

     The premise, 60 years after the Blob was airlifted from Downington to the Arctic, the dire warnings of Al Gore have found the ear of the Air Force personnel in charge of monitoring the Downington Blob and they have decided that the Arctic is no longer cold enough and decide to move the Blob south to the center of the Antarctic.  An airlift is organized and the capsule is retrieved from the Arctic. 

     Mid-flight (over the US, in a bit of bad planning of course) the plane is downed by a massive thunderstorm over Arizona.   The Capsule is dropped west of a small town, not far from Phoenix.  A massive heatwave has forced all but the hardiest of the citizenry into their homes, even late at night.  The Blob defrosts into a series of smaller chunks that spread through the sewers of the town, crawling into homes via their toilets and sinks.  The Blob slips into the throats of sleeping citizens and gestates there, taking over the bodies while keeping them alive along to keep the Blob at body temperature.  Some citizens are walked into the capsule to be eaten, some are used as puppets to maintain secrecy.  The giveaway is that the intrusion of the blob gives them a distinctive walk or wight loss (as they have been eaten from the inside out).

    Obviously the military investigates the crash, but are dissuaded about the capsule by a Blob puppet who shows them an emptied portion and "confirms" that the blob was simply burned up by the crash.

    Like the first film, the Blob is discovered by some kids who attempt to convince the authorities that there is something going on with the people that have been taken over by the Blob.  They use cell phone cameras to video tape an old woman being collapsed from within by a Blob and post it on YouTube.  In Downington a 67 year old Steve (played by Damien Lewis in makeup) sees the video on his Grandkids computer and investigates it with his contacts in he Air Force.

    The Air Force decides to cordon off the town with the help of the National Guard and the Army.  It is too late, as some of the puppets have made their way to Phoenix.

    The movie is left with an apocolyptic moment when a Blob rises from the Desert Floor, ringed with thunderstorms and tornadoes, making it's own weather due to its sheer volume.  Phoenix is destroyed by the Blob before Steve works with Danny (his Brother in Law) to develop a refrigerant bomb that causes an endothermic reaction in the Blob, killing the main body.

The writer is free to add in social comments like discussions about Global Climate change and Fox News/Pundit jokes.

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