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On Vox: Some stuff that happened

Transitions are hard.  Especially after 10 years, you know?

I'm still trying to settle in here in London, after what seemed like forever up at my Parents and even longer back in Eugene.   I have NOT slept a good night's sleep yet.

Add to that the worries of setting up in a new place and you get some poor sleep.

On a lighter note, my house is about 10-15 minutes away from most of London, which makes getting around fairly easy.  I'm looking forward to the nice weather to encourage us to walk around the city more.  I'm in a residential area, but we have a nice park near us an a theatre that I want to try walking to.

I've taken pictures here and there but nothing I'm too proud of.  I need to get out and really work.  The friend that promised to model has totally flaked and I am going to have to start looking for a model or two here in the city,  That should be easy as London is home to a number institutions of higher learning.  I will have to update my Model Mayhem account to reflect my new location.

I'm excited to be back on my own (relatively) but I would love to have a couch and chair along with a bed to make things a bit more comfortable.

Oh, and thanks to my 'rents for the new (kinda) computer chair, it makes things by the PC much more comfortable.

Anyone else moving/moved?

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