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On Vox: Doctor Giggles I am NOT

A La Plus Tard.

It wasn't all that late, but I was sleepy and ready for a nap when I got to the hospital waiting room.

My Mother and Wife both insisted that my wheezing-barking cough was bad enough to warrant a doctor getting his hands on my doughy body.  I disagreed then after a few moments of body blows and no small amount of bungee cords I found myself signing into the hospital and wearing a face mask a la Michael Jackson or Japanese Subway Riders.

Pleased, can't you see I was?

So, the triage nurse didn't hear the same noise in my chest that my mom heard, but she sent me on to see the doctor anyway.  It might have been because I was on good cough medicine or just luck, but my chest is still crackling and popping after days of medicine so it was probably for the best that she sent me on.

So, not long after (about 30 mins) I got to see a Doctor (Dr. Smith I think) and he perscribed a round of AntiBiotics for my cough and chest infection.  Those who know me know how I feel about medication in general and Antibiotics as a whole.  I'm taking them, but only to make the cough go away faster.

Speaking about the medicine, how much would you expect to pay for a course of Antibiotics?  I have no drug plan, so like 100 dollars, right?  Nope. 30.  30 Canadian dollars, which is about 33 American.

I could afford my medicine!

I didn't have to pay for them either, so thanks Mum.

My last pill goes tomorrow and I expect to take another 5 days to clear.  Maybe I'll get a good night's sleep soon.


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