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On Vox: From Picasa to Flickr … Without going insane

First please check out this lifehacker post on the subject… I'll wait.  Did you read it or right/middle-click on it to read it later on a tab?

If you did the latter, good for you.  If not, welcome back.

I've been using Picasa to manage my photos for a couple years now (well over a year and a half at least) and have gotten used to it's foiables (lack of flickr support) and it's strengths (opening pictures in a new app or even in explorer)

(Yes, I use it in my awesome XP install.  I may love Linux for my servers, but I game in XP. 

Here is my typical work flow:

  1. Look at my pictures in the Library, using the keyboard to scroll through them and looking for something interesting.  I something from my dump looks good I either take it into an external app and edit it or just perk it up in Picasa's built in tools.
  2. Once the picture looks how I want it, I save a new copy and undo any changes I have made to the original.  This preserves the image as it was shot for later use.  The new file name is usually descriptive of the image itself. 

    (if I used an external app, I sometimes strip the EXIF data from the images)

  3. Picasa now has both the original and the new copy in the Library, which means I can select the new image(s) from the library and choose "show in explorer" or use CTRL+K to set some keywords… whatever.  I usually hit "show in explorer".
  4. In explorer I highlight the new images, right-click and choose "Upload to Flickr" which loads the images in the Flickr uploader.
  5. I select the appropriate sets and set the keywords for the images.  If needs be I rotate one (because the upload button isn't there until I do) then upload the images.
  6. I return to Picasa and repeat as needed.

Now you've learned two things:

1.  How I use Picassa.
2.  I actually choose what images to upload and not just random images from my camera. 

Now we should do the Salmon Dance

Hmmm, I've left off another option.

On my 'rents PC and the Laptop. I use Windows Live Gallery instead of Picasa, it's better.  No Joke.  I've just gotten used to Picasa on my own PC.

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