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On Vox: Long time without you

Hmmm, what’s going on?  I’ve been looking for work, so there’s that.

I’ve been up and down to Kincardine a couple times.  I keep missing Mrs Brown & Netty and feel guilty about that, I just don’t like visiting when my future is so uncertain.  Oh well.

I cut my own hair on the weekend, no I’m not posting pictures of it here.  I posted one from last night and look out of it.  So no pic love here (for now).

On friday we had some excitment, as NiteGirl’s PC was found to be infected with a bot that was allowing remote control.  DAmn.  I thought I had cleaned it, but I guess not.  Which means it is possible that anyone who was infected with the same is currently an botnet slave.   There were a couple on NiteGirls contact list.  They will need to clean that up.

(If you are wondering, look at your task list (CTRL+ALT+DELELTE or Right-click on the menu bar at the bottom of your screen and click Task Manager).  If you see “” you are probably infected.  Locate the start processes in you registry (a bunch on nonsense rundlls and .NET. that references  Stop the processes before you delete the registry keys.  The is a hidden file in c:\windows. 

Have fun.

This is by no means a proper write-up and I really should have tried to fix the virus, but I just nuked and paved nite’s machine instead.  So we both have relativley clean machines now.

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