Cuil: Totally useless

I read about cuil this morning while looking through the posts on my iGoogle page.  Interested in new things and not willing to simply discount it out of hand, I fired up the ethernets and typed my name and interests into it’s waiting inputs.

And didn’t find the website you are reading this on.

Not at all.

Not even if I searched for things I knew were on this page.

So, yeah. Cuil sucks.

Sorry guys, you have a long way to go if someone can’t ego surf their own website from your engine.

  • cloud9ine

    I agree :) I was just searching to see if anyone else thought the same as I did. Guess lots of people do, and you are first among them

  • john

    yeah, lol.
    i found this page by searching for “Cuil” and “useless”
    using Google.

    google is utterly hopeless in other ways though.

    From now on I’m switching to Vivisimo’s oddly names “Clusty” search engine. Its the bomb, its especially good for wading through searches that return too many bad results in Google.