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Month: June 2008

Twitter Updates for 2008-06-30

  • Perogies w/ Sour Cream + Sleeman Clear: Not So Good. #
  • I think I tore open the inside of my lip, it hurts and it all rough, but I don’t taste or see blood. (maybe I’m chewing it in my sleep?) #
  • Writing Short Story – Imaging a Laptop – Dealing with OU issues – Thinking about a rant about Rogers’ DVR/Digital Box software. #
  • Holy Intense Sunlight! #
  • Short Story: The Growing Season #
  • Still trying to get this laptop to accept the image, hanging up on the OU. Not an AD admin so I can’t directly fix the OU. #
  • Set up a new profile, fingers crossed kids. #
  • Looks like the AD record was hosed, a new profile resolved the issue. #
  • @RayS Post it to flickr! #
  • I just edited an epic email down to a tepid email, I wish I had stuck with the epic email but it was just too much. #
  • “Microsoft Poll: One of Five Canadian Men Game in the Nude” Which Five? #
  • anyone else getting spammed by TyCoughIin or _TyCoughIin ? #

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Neighbourhood Killer may Go Free

A Harris County grand jury decided today that Joe Horn should not be charged with a crime for shooting two suspected burglars he confronted outside his neighbor’s home in Pasadena last fall.

Joe Horn Cleared by Grand Jury in Pasadena Shootings

I covered this story here: This sounds like murder to me

No doubt this will be a nice dog whistle to the kind of people who keep guns by their front door, just in case.  Too bad for the neighbours, would you feel safe with a neighbour who shoots people in the back in self-defence?  What if you have some friends over that get out of hand, what if he shoots them in self-defence?  You’d have some dead friends and Joe would have another notch on his gun.  Good ol’ Joe.

Bob Dylan is no source for legal argument

“The correct rule on the necessity of expert testimony has been summarized by Bob Dylan: ‘You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,’ â€ a California appeals court wrote in 1981, citing “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Eighteen other decisions have cited that lyric.

The Chief Justice, Dylan and the Disappearing Double Negative

While one may not need a weatherman (who may or may not be a meteorologist) one should in fact consult an expert in legal matters, just in case the apparent truth of the breeze may simply be the eye of a much larger storm.

This is all about this quote:

“The absence of any right to the substantive recovery means that respondents cannot benefit from the judgment they seek and thus lack Article III standing,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote. “ â€˜When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.’ Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone, on Highway 61 Revisited (Columbia Records 1965).”

I suspect when a Chief Justice bowdlerizes a quote from an old hippy I should think back to the fact that Ann Coulter is apparently a Deadhead and take heart that there was always a good reason to dislike the old hippies.  The most prominent fact being that the children of hippies tended to end up as Conservative Douchebags (albeit successful and wealthy douchebags).

It Sucks, why I won't use the Roger's DVR.

I lived in the States from March 2002 until August 2007.  I was a comcast customer for 100% of that time, having free basic cable as part of my rental package at the townhouse.  I can’t say I hated Comcast, and in fact I really liked their dual-tuner DVR solution.  I tried out the TIVO as a replacement and found it too cumbersome a soultion (after having the Comcast solution for over a year at the time).  When I returned to Canada, I lived with my parents out in boonies (Kincardine) where the local Cable company had the same basic hardware and sofware as Comcast, which was great.  The software was easy to use, allowed me to set up reminders and search for shows by name.  Great, huh?  I could set up season passes for shows and be reminded on screen that they were on, pressing the swap button let me swpa between tuners with impunity and both had a good hour long stream in reserve.  TV viewing heaven.

The best I can say for the Rogers DVR is that I could pause TV.

I couldn’t search for shows by name, I had to scroll through an alphabetic list of every occurence of a given show, with shows thaty are syndicated in there, we had hundreds of identical listings to scroll through.  This took ages.

When I did find a show I wanted to record, I could set it to record a number of occurances, but no season pass and no “record only new shows” option was available, I also had to make sure I was recording it on the channel I wanted to.  With newer shows that were also syndicated, this was  giant pain in the ass.

Then there is the HD handling, can’t they figure out how to push all NON HD content at 480p or 480i so that we don’t have to have all the damn bars burning my CRT?

Big Red, you need to get in touch with comcast and get your cable hardware in order, this software has been around since before I left Canada in 2002.  It’s time to upgrade.

Extra Short Story: The Growing Season

After a good rainstorm, Alisha loved to go out and tour from puddle to puddle in her bare feet, feeling warm water and cool mud squashing around her toes as she splashed the water here and there.  The humid air of a summer storm hanging around her, the heat clinging to the day like a comforting hug.  Alisha sometimes just sat at the edge of really big puddles and hung her feet in them, poking one foot then the other out of the water, all brown and dirty with mud.

After a June full of rain, the grass and dirt were almost always soaked, so Alisha was sitting on a concrete curb and letting warm gutter runoff sluice over her feet when her daddy came home from work that night.

Cold Beer for Friday

Cold Beer for Friday, originally uploaded by NiteMayr.

Friday lunch time sometimes means that it is Beer o’clock (especially on hot days)

This was at the (great) walkers fish and chips on Wellington. I poured high to get the thick, frothy head on the beer. It was refreshing (on a hot day) but not a great partner for the fish.

I think I’ll stick to soda with the food and beer after work; speaking of which I snagged some Sleeman Clear for the long weekend. I actually found some craft/micro brew beer yesterday too. So my beer horizons have been significantly expanded.