Twitter Updates for 2008-07-16

  • Upgraded a bunch of plugins. removed seesmic, no point in it really. #
  • Interesting: 36-hour cookies #
  • @SpencerTucker I have a workmate who is a comic fan who is NOT planning to see it, but he hasn’t seen Batman Begins either. #
  • This barenaked ladies story is big news… tripled my normal hit count today. Stay strong Steven Page. #
  • @SpencerTucker He’s not big on movies. I’ve been recommending all these movies, but he just doesn’t like sitting still for long periods. #
  • Why has my “random” playlist been so VAST heavy today. I’m not even depressed. #
  • More VAST…. Hmmm, is my media player trying to tell me something? Is my media player depressed? #
  • Fiddled a bit with my theme at the blog to actually include a permalink in the articles… link to my articles at your leisure #
  • Time to go and put 60 bucks worth of gas into the car… grrrr #

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