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Twitter Updates for 2008-07-29

  • Filling the iPod with musical juice #
  • OH: “The Joker has been arrested in Michigan” “Again!? That guy really loves Detroit house music, huh?” #
  • They truly don’t get it: #
  • – Usb webcam with ringlight built in for under 25 bucks #
  • On Houston: “Mean, ugly, willfully ignorant city of the damned.” #
  • @billdeys Isn’t that about Baseball? #
  • The “Waveforms” view of the earthquake in chino are violent and azure, like the sky. #
  • @billdeys Whaddaya know, look at all the talk about ICE in there…. My vote remains The Hockey Song (The Good Old Hockey Game) #
  • Mid Read/Review of a new Book… I’m up and down on it right now. I Want to finish before Thursday, I’ve got some notes about it already. #
  • oh boy it’s Spam O’Clock at Local Blogger. #
  • Mervyns and Bennigans? What’s next, Fudruckers? #
  • Must try make Risotto some time this week #
  • And Congee #

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