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Taking a Quick Swipe at an Easy Target

[Ron] Paul supports giving educational control back to parents, rather than allowing the federal government to fund the schools. He plans to discontinue the Department of Education and return its functions to the states

I lived in the States for a while, Oregon to be precise.  State control of the Education Budget would be a disaster there; as the people would underfund the school system to death, then blame the schools for failing to educate their kids.  I overheard dozens of Walmart Butter Trolls talking about vetoing school budget increases (needed to offset cuts imposed by NCLB) because the schools were doing a poor job of educating their kids.  Of course! The answer is obvious, force the schools to cut budgets for education, that’ll make them teach HARDER to survive!

I wonder if the education System in Oregon has been producing these dunderheads forever or only since the electorate got to vote on budgets?

People will vote down any tax “increase” simple as that.

Good Old Ron Paul was like Tax Panecea for some folks, stupid folks.

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