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Twitter Updates for 2009-04-08

  • Doctor Kutner NO!×3819930 #
  • You wrote him out in a suicide? Damn You!!!! #
  • Also, please kill of Taub too. #
  • Ooops, forgot to swap timezone…. Blog should be back to “functional” again. #
  • Twitter, why did you fake me out? #
  • Just finished a great game of Stump the Monster Killer with Elizabeth. I am the greatest Monster Killer (in my house) #
  • Dinner Time, Chili Garlic chicken, carrots, egg white noodles and corn. in a very small container. #
  • Hrm… This app is killing me. #
  • Tomorrow is a Gym Day… in about a week I have a weigh in. Not looking forward to it. #
  • Hmm, I like this “” applet more than the lifestream one.. it makes the site less personal too.. #
  • Alright, the lifestream app has been banished for failing to function. Replaced it with a applet and twitter tools which work fine. #
  • Here you go eugene-folks Nathan and ben, this is up your alley #
  • Hit my calorie and nutrition goals for the day, blew out my carbs and fats (not by much, but it was an oversight on my part) tsk #
  • Getting really sick of Internet White Knights #
  • How the hell did Marvel get away with the Blatant Batman Ripoff that was “Marvel Ultimate Adventures”? #
  • Time to go get lost for a while. #
  • #912 #teaparty Remember, if you don’t support torture, you’re not a good republican. #

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