Twitter Updates for 2009-06-04

  • Just woke up after dreaming about oac hs year, all my former teachers were froendly mobile corpses and the students were positive cliches #
  • This isn’t Activism; this is the minimum: #
  • Thsi story bears all the earmarks of bullshit: #
  • I’m writing filter rules to watch for Facebook and Twitter access. #
  • Oh the wonders and horrors of pro-active monitors, Now I know one of the mac users is surfing Dave Matthews Guitar Tabs, yay! #
  • If you are interested in knowing, we are officially looking to buy a house. In a reckless and unprepared fashion. #
  • That Obama, he really is turning out to be “Jeb Bush”, isn’t he? States Secrets, Secret Trials, Anti-Union Actions… not really change… #
  • Emile Hirsch may be the most repellent actor working today, that includes “specialty” work in underground film production. No Mas, No Mas! #
  • These guys are Internet White Knights with brass balls;
    “If you sue us we perm-blacklist you” #
  • Dear Subnormals; Is Joe the “Festive” one? #

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