Twitter Updates for 2009-09-15

  • Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2009-09-14 #
  • Made amazing Scrambled eggs today, new cooking technique. Turned out really tasty, thanks to the most profane chef on TV, Julia Childs! #
  • RT @almightygod A documentary about how I created the earth: #
  • RT @rkref @Strwbrry_Blonde: teabaggers, i don't care how many yu say came 2 ur rally. it's over & u embarrassed urselves #
  • How to avoid a gpg check (if you must) with yum yum –nogpgcheck install XXXXX #
  • New pc arrived, found out why it was 200 cheaper, no monitor. Best buy will get my money for this I guess #
  • Should have had it delivered to my house. Huge! #
  • The Eldest Wolverine has passed away | | Now who wants to dance with Baby? #
  • WoW, what misguided dupes | | Who is #carltonturner #

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