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Day: December 12, 2009

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-12

  • Blog Post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-05 #
  • Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2009-12-05 #
  • Missed Amanda at the market at 1:30, we were all muddy from the dog park anyway! #
  • Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2009-12-06 #
  • Dreamed that a friend of mine who is all sorts of cosmopolitan and complex was proud of renting out the Aztec in kincardine for a movie. #
  • @britl Tim hortons employees at the drive through never stop forcing them on me, can we swap? #
  • took Lucy to the dog park again, she rawked out! I know it's a bit much, but she has really come out of her shell at the park now! #
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  • Why is it my nightmares are all the same? Same setup, same scenario, same "twist" It's like M.night Shamalanalingdon is writing them #
  • @Twwly EEEwww Goat Brains, No corpse beetles on the farm then? in reply to Twwly #
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  • same nightmare two nights running, This has become disconcerting (twice last night) variation on the set and players, same plot. #
  • I'm trying hard to remember the awesome Non sequitur that Elizabeth busted out last night that earned her a chance to do the six-gun strut #
  • Blog Post: Twitter Updates for 2009-12-09 #
  • Anyone else think "Stairway to heaven" when they heard the lead-in to "Song for a Son"? Still a great tune though #
  • Smashing Pumpkins Player | See for yourself, it sounds like Stairway to heaven for a bit (just the lead in) #
  • Back at car dealership, slow leak continues. Walked into lounge and fashion tv is on #
  • Car is in for service and I've got a chest thing, cold maybe? #
  • @redhat thanks for the samba fix! #
  • @kittylaney Brian Finch on Southdale in London. Two days in a row for the same leaky tire, at least they have a nice lounge. :) in reply to kittylaney #
  • @phronk Yeah, last night when I heard it for the first time the Radio song ID said "Swollen Members" and I wondered "why is BillyC singing?" in reply to phronk #
  • listening to Angel by Massive Attack on @Grooveshark: #
  • listening to Bullet Boy by Massive Attack on @Grooveshark: #
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