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Jesus is the Answer

So, it’s almost Christmas around here; so things are getting busy and things are getting wrapped up in paper and hidden in closets until Friday.  We weren’t going to be exchanging gifts (between Jen and I) ut she busted that notion yesterday by buying me some gifts, so I have reciprocated.

It’s been a quiet stretch over here at the blog; mostly due to ongoing stress relating to a rather large purchase (a house) and an unwillingness to put pen to paper, so to speak.

So here it is; my pean to Wesley Willis, patron saint of the Head Injury.

Dear Wesley,

If there is a big guy in the sky and you are hanging with Jesus; can you send word?  We’ve been hereabouts for many years and all we have to go on is hearsay and rumor!  If Jesus was the answer; why do bad things happen on his Birthday?  Why is Christmas such a downer for people?  Wes, if I can call you that; Wes, what is the big plan?  If there is a plan, can you let us in on it?  Does being dead get rid of your demons?  Are you riding the bus in peace now?  When Narduwar gets up there; will you headbutt him hello or will you just shake hands and visit the chocolate fountains together as friends?

Tell me, Wesley; Does Doctor King have bad breath?  How about John Lennon?

Thanks Wes,

Your Fan, Kevin.

PS  Do you get the Internet in Heaven?
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