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Month: February 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

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Review: Walking Dead Issue 70 – Old Rick vs New Rick

It’s been what?  Five years now since Rick was smacked on the head with a shovel while prowling outside his own home.

Did you ever get the idea that Rick died right there an then and the rest of “The Walking Dead” has been some kind of melodramatic Hell? A Purgatory for Rick who woke up after the world had ended but didn’t move on with his family.

I’m beginning to think that if it isn’t; perhaps now it’s time to just end the thing.

All of the twists have been turned; kids have been eaten.  Babies blown to bits by shotguns; rapists roam freely.

If Robert Kirkman hasn’t been describing Hell, he’s bound to be close.

The Walking Dead 70 drops the remaining survivors in what appears to be a safe town; and I say that with all the foreboding we should just expect now.  There is no safe town for Rick and crew, right?  The series can’t possibly just become a day-to-day about surviving comfortably… right?

If this panel doesn’t set off your “Oh shit that kid is getting beat at home alarm” then you haven’t been reading this comic.  Yeah, and uh, that is rick now.  He must be hungry all the time now.

Nothing plot wise goes down in this issue; however as there hasn’t been a real plot since the end of the Governor plot-line why should that matter?  I think I continue to read this comic just to find out what happens in the end.  Please, Rob, End this soon.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

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  • First load of garbage by curb at new house (really number 2 but it was from the other house) #
  • Might actually be at the end of the long Saga of moving out of the old condo now…. maybe. #
  • "RT ‘Stan Lee’ Finds Himself In More Legal Troubles" – Superhero411 #
  • According to Avatar Press " Crossed 9 will be in two weeks, and the first collection will be out in April." Expect a Review then. #
  • You know what I'm enjoying, a nice Mango Rum Punch. It may sound frou frou, but It's a fine drink with some cold pad thai and "Bones" on tv #
  • I've paid off the old landlord; finally I might get a normal sleep without another "old landlord makes me clean yet another house" nightmare #

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