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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • Blog Post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28 #
  • Blog Post: Russel Brands Really is Outrageous! #
  • Installed a new switch in the basement, still need to get up into the ceiling to drop actual cables and hide them…. Daybreakers ruled #
  • Playing around with XMind while performing a big grep and edit, using Xmind to map out "the food process" of sourcing to delivery to study.. #
  • Here's your new catchphrase for the bright and dismal future "Consumer Assumed Risk" where a consumer assumes delivery and safety costs. #
  • listening to Telephone (featuring Beyonce) by Lady Gaga on @Grooveshark: #musicmonday #nowplaying BURNING IT OUT #
  • Gah, I look like Ray Stanz, the later years…. #
  • @tomtomorrow "TEA" PARTY MONSTERS #michaelalig #jamesstjames in reply to tomtomorrow #
  • Ugh, Arg, Oooer, Discovery you are in the poop now #
  • Waiting for Just Cause 2 Demo, Flaming N00bs. I swear, the warthog line should send him over the edge… LoL #
  • @fowgre Nice, Can I go and yell at their stupid asses now? in reply to fowgre #
  • Flaming, flaming, flaming the N00b…. Hippy Farm, what will I think of next? #
  • Just Cause 2 (demo) was awesome! I'm seriously going to have to get out and buy it. #
  • @phronk I haven't slept well in days… may I blame the LHC too? in reply to phronk #
  • PM Harper says that CDN troops won't stay [in Afghanistan] past 2011; good stuff. See, no spin at all, screw you anonymous cranks. #
  • Why I can't vote Liberal; Bob Rae. No more Liberal Party Votes until Bob Rae is out of the fold, sorry. That and the local candidate… #
  • "the Founders Keepers" Losers weepers? WTH is Glenn Becks Mommy putting in his milk? #
  • 1/2 Term Right? #
  • @tomtomorrow I don't know about you; but a paid day off to celebrate the spring fertility rite seems like a great deal to me. Dead Jesus? in reply to tomtomorrow #
  • @tomtomorrow Okay, for those of us who are not self-employed; sweet deal. For the rest of you; Friday. in reply to tomtomorrow #
  • Blog Post: Hey Hey, look who is having a nice April Fool's #
  • HA HA if they did it in the middle east they'd be arrested! | #FRANCE4TW #
  • It's a rare four letter word on a page that makes me sit up and take notice, HELL YEAH DC! 3 years of build up, POW one page! #BLACKESTNIGHT #
  • @marcmaron Just finished the first part of your "scotland" wtfpodcast, BRILLIANT! Great Stuff, Square sausage is the best, innit? #
  • Marvellously warm outside right now, too bad it's going to rain in the am. Great night to be outside in the yard #

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