Sean Hannity recently referred to a group of Tea Party activists as “Tim McVeigh wannabes.”
I’ve seen a few on DU claim Hannity was being sarcastic because Tea Party activists are being
referred by the left as “Teahadists.” If indeed it was an inside joke among the right wing,
why didn’t the crowd laugh at such an absurd comparison, and instead applauded with approval?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • Blog Post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28 #
  • Blog Post: Russel Brands Really is Outrageous! #
  • Installed a new switch in the basement, still need to get up into the ceiling to drop actual cables and hide them…. Daybreakers ruled #
  • Playing around with XMind while performing a big grep and edit, using Xmind to map out "the food process" of sourcing to delivery to study.. #
  • Here's your new catchphrase for the bright and dismal future "Consumer Assumed Risk" where a consumer assumes delivery and safety costs. #
  • listening to Telephone (featuring Beyonce) by Lady Gaga on @Grooveshark: #musicmonday #nowplaying BURNING IT OUT #
  • Gah, I look like Ray Stanz, the later years…. #
  • @tomtomorrow "TEA" PARTY MONSTERS #michaelalig #jamesstjames in reply to tomtomorrow #
  • Ugh, Arg, Oooer, Discovery you are in the poop now #
  • Waiting for Just Cause 2 Demo, Flaming N00bs. I swear, the warthog line should send him over the edge… LoL #
  • @fowgre Nice, Can I go and yell at their stupid asses now? in reply to fowgre #
  • Flaming, flaming, flaming the N00b…. Hippy Farm, what will I think of next? #
  • Just Cause 2 (demo) was awesome! I'm seriously going to have to get out and buy it. #
  • @phronk I haven't slept well in days… may I blame the LHC too? in reply to phronk #
  • PM Harper says that CDN troops won't stay [in Afghanistan] past 2011; good stuff. See, no spin at all, screw you anonymous cranks. #
  • Why I can't vote Liberal; Bob Rae. No more Liberal Party Votes until Bob Rae is out of the fold, sorry. That and the local candidate… #
  • "the Founders Keepers" Losers weepers? WTH is Glenn Becks Mommy putting in his milk? #
  • 1/2 Term Right? #
  • @tomtomorrow I don't know about you; but a paid day off to celebrate the spring fertility rite seems like a great deal to me. Dead Jesus? in reply to tomtomorrow #
  • @tomtomorrow Okay, for those of us who are not self-employed; sweet deal. For the rest of you; Friday. in reply to tomtomorrow #
  • Blog Post: Hey Hey, look who is having a nice April Fool's #
  • HA HA if they did it in the middle east they'd be arrested! | #FRANCE4TW #
  • It's a rare four letter word on a page that makes me sit up and take notice, HELL YEAH DC! 3 years of build up, POW one page! #BLACKESTNIGHT #
  • @marcmaron Just finished the first part of your "scotland" wtfpodcast, BRILLIANT! Great Stuff, Square sausage is the best, innit? #
  • Marvellously warm outside right now, too bad it's going to rain in the am. Great night to be outside in the yard #

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