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Day: August 15, 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-15

  • Changing my crappy p&s video (shot at high bitrate, but still 4:3 aspect) to 720p video and covering up artifacts with slick effects… #
  • Jen finally took the plunge on the XMBC, her show was all organized so she's in love #
  • NERD ALERT | How does Rimmer (Red Dwarf's Hologram) make noise? He doesn't have a "mobile emitter" like on Voyager, how does he make noise? #
  • Photo: Again this morning? No, not enough raw materials…. these were amazing though #
  • "This is why you think movies are getting dumber SCHNEIDER: Yeah, I think the problem primarily is that…" #
  • scottfriday asked: brilliant addition. brilliant. #
  • Republicans Demand Two-Month, Taxpayer-Funded Recess After Election – A two month, tax-payer funded vacation,… #
  • Hmmm, bad start to the day… okay good start for my clients, but bad for me… tons of work done already #
  • Oh, god. What is wrong with this guy? He has no idea what is going on! #
  • @jeffsinger Strangely, it's kind of the opposite. IIRC WinCo is locally owned and operated by the employees… I think in reply to jeffsinger #
  • @jeffsinger Yup, I was correct: The chain has been employee-owned since 1985, when the WinCo Foods Employee Stock Ownership Trust in reply to jeffsinger #
  • Replaced the dead video card, computer booted up no issues, looks like I ended up giving blood to the computer gods without noticing.. #
  • It's a race now between pita bread and water, checz var and sobriety. What will win? Only the shadow knows, l! #

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