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From the creator of Invader Zim and Squeeeee (Jhonen Vasquez) and the MSI side project (The Left Rights)


All this over some fine Korean BBQ with JR. Goldberg and JImmy Urine:

Jimmy:  It can be whatever you want.

Me:  It’ll probably be awful.  ’Fact it’ll definitely be awful.  So awful most people won’t really even get through it thinking it’s just one of those really awful lip-syncing videos with people dancing like idiots puts up on Youtube.  

Jimmy:  That sounds great.

Me:  No, I mean it.  It’s gonna look awful, and be awful, and then awful things will happen.

Jimmy:  That’s what I want!  

Me:  I thought you wanted Korean BBQ.

Jimmy:  I did.

Me:  It was a setup!  You tricked me with meat.

JR:  Wuzz happenin’?…-BURRRRRRP-

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