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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

  • Photo: RIP Dunn: Aww No, Dunn was my favorite member of the Jackass Crew. thedailywhat: #
  • "This makes me sad. Just two days ago I was watching one of the Jackass movies with a friend in a bar,…" #
  • @phronk Where did that come from? in reply to phronk #
  • @phronk Ah, ignore me, failed to click the damn link. in reply to phronk #
  • @McKelvie Where is e9? in reply to McKelvie #
  • @RayS I love facebook; ironically the person I joined FB to speak to is no longer my 'friend' there, but I reconnected all over the place in reply to sheltondoesit #
  • .brands approach with Internet name shake-up | Reuters – CHA-CHING $185K per tld, that;s 10 million just for… #
  • Woah, 6:35 AM and done in the shower ready to dress and leave #
  • It us very hot and uncomfortable here, i hope things improve #
  • Export statistics from Apache log files to Piwik with Apache2Piwik – NEW! – Piwik – This is something I… #
  • Alright, in an effort to try and bust open my gloom, I've signed up to go to a meetup in London, I should be getting out of the house more #
  • Shouldn't Dr. Who be on now? #
  • Is that Anthony Stewart Head on "Merlin"? never knew that he was on it #
  • I'll just put this here for later: #
  • Took about 1:45 to get to work again… left the house at 6:20 or so and got here at 8AM #
  • @KaraDeMaeyer I suspect it's two things, ebooks and a HP branded Cellphone device in reply to KaraDeMaeyer #
  • Today I'll take the country roads home again, it took about the same amount of time as this AM to get home and I was LOST through some of it #
  • It was awesome to start the day admitting "I don't know, but let's pound into this problem and get somewhere with it" Ignorance is bliss ;) #
  • Gah! No access to my sites from here… tethering maybe? #
  • @mileskahn Clearly having a #fantasticvoyagetothefridge in reply to mileskahn #
  • Zones = Chroot? right? #
  • @KaraDeMaeyer You've got a bike, the freedom to ride it when the majority of the world is at work, LUVYERLIFE ! :) #
  • @katiewest Don't I know it, good luck on that, traveling on zero is the worst (I once went to Disneyworld on what I had in my pockets) in reply to katiewest #
  • 3 hours to go…. It's nice getting in early early early (too bad I have to leave the house before 7AM to do it) #
  • I know, I know, I should know this like the back of my hand; but refreshment is good for the brain; #
  • @ZombieNormal @kwmurphy @Glinner Don't the criminals simply become better at it under prohibition :. banned dancing=teenagers get good at it in reply to ZombieNormal #
  • "You can't reason a person out of a position they didn't reason themselves into" Too True #
  • I got about 3 hours sleep last night and woke up to a CRAZY nightmare…. #
  • Just came out of a conf. with the boss, feeling 10 feet tall and a great deal better, let's keep it up now! #

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