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  • Photo: RIP Dunn: Aww No, Dunn was my favorite member of the Jackass Crew. thedailywhat: #
  • "This makes me sad. Just two days ago I was watching one of the Jackass movies with a friend in a bar,…" #
  • @phronk Where did that come from? in reply to phronk #
  • @phronk Ah, ignore me, failed to click the damn link. in reply to phronk #
  • @McKelvie Where is e9? in reply to McKelvie #
  • @RayS I love facebook; ironically the person I joined FB to speak to is no longer my 'friend' there, but I reconnected all over the place in reply to sheltondoesit #
  • .brands approach with Internet name shake-up | Reuters – CHA-CHING $185K per tld, that;s 10 million just for… #
  • Woah, 6:35 AM and done in the shower ready to dress and leave #
  • It us very hot and uncomfortable here, i hope things improve #
  • Export statistics from Apache log files to Piwik with Apache2Piwik – NEW! – Piwik – This is something I… #
  • Alright, in an effort to try and bust open my gloom, I've signed up to go to a meetup in London, I should be getting out of the house more #
  • Shouldn't Dr. Who be on now? #
  • Is that Anthony Stewart Head on "Merlin"? never knew that he was on it #
  • I'll just put this here for later: #
  • Took about 1:45 to get to work again… left the house at 6:20 or so and got here at 8AM #
  • @KaraDeMaeyer I suspect it's two things, ebooks and a HP branded Cellphone device in reply to KaraDeMaeyer #
  • Today I'll take the country roads home again, it took about the same amount of time as this AM to get home and I was LOST through some of it #
  • It was awesome to start the day admitting "I don't know, but let's pound into this problem and get somewhere with it" Ignorance is bliss ;) #
  • Gah! No access to my sites from here… tethering maybe? #
  • @mileskahn Clearly having a #fantasticvoyagetothefridge in reply to mileskahn #
  • Zones = Chroot? right? #
  • @KaraDeMaeyer You've got a bike, the freedom to ride it when the majority of the world is at work, LUVYERLIFE ! :) #
  • @katiewest Don't I know it, good luck on that, traveling on zero is the worst (I once went to Disneyworld on what I had in my pockets) in reply to katiewest #
  • 3 hours to go…. It's nice getting in early early early (too bad I have to leave the house before 7AM to do it) #
  • I know, I know, I should know this like the back of my hand; but refreshment is good for the brain; #
  • @ZombieNormal @kwmurphy @Glinner Don't the criminals simply become better at it under prohibition :. banned dancing=teenagers get good at it in reply to ZombieNormal #
  • "You can't reason a person out of a position they didn't reason themselves into" Too True #
  • I got about 3 hours sleep last night and woke up to a CRAZY nightmare…. #
  • Just came out of a conf. with the boss, feeling 10 feet tall and a great deal better, let's keep it up now! #

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This makes me sad. Just two days ago I was watching one of the Jackass movies with a friend in a bar, and we were in deep discussion on the merits of the franchise….ahem. At one point she asked me who I thought was going to die first. I said that I didn’t think any of them were going to die, because people like that never die. I’m sorry, Dunn. R.I.P.

anoirmarie – Commenting on the Death of Ryan Dunn

RIP Dunn: Aww No, Dunn was my favorite member of the Jackass Crew.


RIP: Jackass star and CKY Crew member Ryan Dunn passed away this morning according to Bam Margera’s mother April, who reported the sad news on Preston and Steve’s radio show.

An officer with the West Goshen police department told NBC Philadelphia that Dunn crashed his Porsche into a tree near Route 322. He was 34.

TMZ is reporting that an additional, unidentified person also died in this morning’s crash. A photo posted to his Twitter account hours before the fatal accident showed Dunn drinking with some friends.

[nbcphil / tmz / photo: getty.]

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