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So, I ’ve had nightmares two nights in a row; pretty bad ones.

Saturday night I dreamed that a former co-worker/executive at a firm I worked at before had decided that I had wronged the firm in the past week and proceeded to sue me. It was pretty real and extreme.

Last night though; last night was a doozy. For some reason we lived in a house that had a fridge and a “cool shelf” which could be used to defrost meat and so on, but not store it long term. This is kind of important to the dream. Anyway in the dream we had an elderly male relative staying with us that we called “Grandpa” everyone called him this (he was not a relative of mine in real life nor Jen’s I have no idea where my brain came up with him) anyway; Grandpa had been pulling meat out of the fridge and putting it in the cool shelf; but I thought it was Jen. When it became clear it was Grandpa; we got mad at him and he left in a huff (without letting anyone know he was leaving) so we thought he had wandered off (he had some kind of memory problem, which was why he was living with us). I was guilted into going out looking for him and this is where the dream took a turn. It was ALWAYS night outside, a dim kind of deep murky night. There was some light; but all through the dream it was dark out.

Fast foreward a bit; I’ve been out in the snow looking for this old codger and have come home; I look in his room and there he is, asleep in his bed. Elizabeth hears someone at the door and goes to answer it; I hear it too there is kind of a murmering noise like there is a whole crowd of men just mumbling things to themselves; they reached through the door and grabbed Elizabeth; I jumped towards them

and then found myself awake flying off of my bed slamming into the wall and the floor, I had leaped from my bed in my sleep to catch Elizabeth as she was being dragged out of the house.

What a way to wake up.

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