THIS is how vulnerable the big bad Harper Majority is. They’ve been cowed into backing off key legislation and launching a pointless, ultimately humiliating witch hunt by a single Twitter feed. We’ve got a mostly neutered press and two major parties on the opposition side of the House in varying degrees of disarray, and they’re running scared from a Twitter feed.

gompa –

Schiff, 46, is facing another kind of jam this year: Paid a lower bonus, he said the $350,000 he earns, enough to put him in the country’s top 1 percent by income, doesn’t cover his family’s private-school tuition, a Kent, Connecticut, summer rental and the upgrade they would like from their 1,200-square- foot Brooklyn duplex.

Poor Guy….

Top Gear







Yes. HIMYM. I’ve been wanting this for a long time.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I am super cool. And you’re all dead because the end of the world is nigh.

Portlandia – jeez, not even far off. Portland even looks like Melbourne half of the time.

Also Downton…but who am I!? Which story is MY story! Can I be the tragically torn young man who has his pick of all of the different hot girls and is heir to billions of pounds?

Unsurprisingly, mine was The Big Bang Theory.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

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In the end Steve Jobs’ contempt for human life did not exempt his own. He sacrificed himself thoughtlessly in one final and meaningless act, an act of radical branding so brave and revolutionary the media listed the cause of death as pancreatic cancer.

Of course, as we learn in Steve Jobs, to attribute Steve Jobs’ death to pancreatic cancer is to libel the cancer. In 2003 Steve Jobs had a pancreatic cancer scare that turned out to be a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor, an extremely rare and slow-growing condition that accounts for only 1 percent of pancreatic cancer cases. It was the best-case scenario. His wife told Isaacson she remembered his doctors “tearing up with joy” when they learned the good news.

But then Steve Jobs refused to have surgery, once again putting all his faith and bullying, reality-blind certitude into his insufferable brand of sanctimonious veganism. This wasn’t a matter of passing up radiation and chemo; this was a matter of passing up every cancer patient’s dream of not even having to go through radiation and chemo.

“The big thing,” his wife explained to Isaacson, “was that he really was not ready to open his body,” as if such a move might jeopardize his manufacturer’s warranty. Then, burrowing into the depths of reality distortion, she added: “It’s hard to push someone to do that.”