Check this out; Ah’m gonna wipe my ass with this for 200 bucks, Ah already did it with the Bill of Rights over there on that bench I was sleeping on last night

Insurers’ interest in data mining will only grow, says Kevin Pledge, the boss of Insight Decision Solutions, an underwriting-technology consultancy based near Toronto…. Insurance firms will also analyse grocery purchases for clues about policyholders, he predicts. But that raises some sticky questions about privacy. Mr Pledge himself has begun to forgo his supermarket loyalty-card discount on junk food and pay for his burgers in cash. Promising as data mining is, much will depend on how regulators, and consumers, react.

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Schilling also defending himself against charges of hypocrisy from some commentators who say Schilling’s outspoken criticism of government handouts and programs goes against his acceptance of hefty state funding to support his game studio. “I’m not sure where my stance and opinion in that we need a smaller government—I’m not sure how that correlates to this,” he said. “The program was there for local businesses to use. … That money was literally coming out of the budget into our company, going right back into the local economy.”

Like all domestic spending

Within hours of his team winning the World Series, Curt Schilling shifted from pitching for the Red Sox to pitching for President Bush.

WE should have known then by then that he was probably crooked; sorry #38Studios employees